Message from the IHRC / SG to Amb/Commissioner Dr. HAISSAM BOU-SAID


To, Mr. Amb.Dr. Haissam Bou-Said  – Ambassador/Commissioner
IHRC Middle East
Dear Sir,
Muslim Rohingyas to the ongoing military crackdown, human rights violations, including extrajudicial killings, gang rapes, arson and infanticides by the Myanmar Army and police in Rakhine State, Myanmar. In the meantime 10 millions Rohingyas including women, men,children refugees have crossed the border and shelter into Bangladesh fleeing violence.They need water, food, clothes, medical treatment and shelter. The Government of Bangladesh cannot enough support to this huge Rohingya refugees. So in this circumstances we request to help the Rohingya refugees and supply and distribute any necessary things between them.
Therefore, We hope to organised a fund for helping the Rohingya refugees.
Best Regards
Dr.Saiful I.Dildar / Int.Secretary General-IHRC

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