Amb. Dr. Haissam Bou-Said engagement with SDSN


1- Strengthen solidarity popular Arab economically, socially, culturally and in the media and activation of public diplomacy in the Arab interest nationally and nationally Service

2- Promote meetings and dialogues between the Arab people in all Arab countries and in the Diaspora and the coordination of efforts in various fields and exchange of experiences in order to serve Arab people

3- Discuss common issues in the Arab and take recommendations and making and enhance the achievements of Arab national and international scale

4- Deepening the concepts and values of democracy and dissemination of political, economic, social, cultural, preserve and defend it in the Arab world culture of human rights

5- Coordinate and unify the Arab public attitudes in the Arab countries and Arab communities in all countries of the world including supports and connects communities in the Diaspora and between the countries of origin in descent.

6- Contribute to solving the Arab disputes Arab establishment of the Arab People’s Court to be an Arab arbitration institution with an international status for the adjudication of disputes in all areas where conflict may occur and be court saw in the peoples of the year

7- Strengthen cooperation between the peoples of the world in order to implement the International Charter of Human Rights

8- Work on the creation of a multinational Arab firms purpose of economic, social and cultural development of the Arab homeland

9- Activation of social assistance programs to help lower-income families Arab women supporter and Arab youth

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