International Human Rights Commission: Armed groups violate Resolution 2401 and shoot at aid crossings


The Commissioner of the Middle East at the International Human Rights Committee, Ambassador Haitham Abu Said, held the Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly the Nasra Front) and the Takfir armed opposition factions responsible for obstructing a dead-end solution. And that these groups refuse to remove the urban population who wish to leave. He pointed out that the safe corridors carried out by the Syrian army in order to facilitate the exit of citizens faced heavy fire by these groups to prevent the exit of the population, and if it is considered a flagrant violation of the Human Rights Charter. Ambassador Abu Said added that there are countries that are pressing these groups in order not to accept the initiatives of the Syrian government to embarrass them internationally. As for humanitarian aid, Dr. Abu Said said that the 46-truck convoy of the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, carrying 5,500 supply baskets for more than 27,500 people, in addition to the necessary medical supplies, arrived in al-Ghouta. As for the last convoy, which was postponed indefinitely, was the result of the insistence of the fighters to spend on the crossings intended to be used to deliver such assistance.

Ambassador Abu Said wished all international stakeholders to intervene in order to stop the hostilities in resolution 2401 and not to expand the fighting with the countries that have a mortar on those groups until a settlement is reached to stop all violations.


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