DESI Sent dangerous documents from al-Ghouta chemist two days ago to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the President of the European Parliament and the High Commissioner of the Council of Rights …


The Commissioner of the Middle East for the International Human Rights Commission and the Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information (DESI), Ambassador Haitham Abu Said, handed over two days ago the High Commissioner of the Human Rights Council Prince Zeid bin Raad bin Al Hussein accurate documents about the chemist in the eastern Ghouta. At the same time, he also sent to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr. Antonios Guterres and the President of the European Parliament Dr. Antonio Tajani documents themselves in order to take a look at the facts that are trying to blur some international bodies..

The letter said that after the field disclosure of the delegates of the International Committee of Human Rights in coordination with local authorities have been the clash between Chifonia and Duma on a laboratory that includes in it on various acids, including chlorine. The plant also contains equipment of Saudi origin and foreign materials and means of protection. The plant consists of two floors and a cellar. The containers are manufactured from chemicals for the manufacture of containers and toxic substances, which are liquids with oxygen, various acids and liquids in which there is chlorine. The laboratory also found a laboratory full of foreign lab equipment for making toxic and explosive materials, as well as finding mixers and boilers.

In the laboratory, nitrogen, mercury, Brajen McLaur oil, Saudi books, and regulations of the Army of Islam were found in the laboratory, including one detailing a chemical mixture containing ammonium powder, valenine, acetate chlorate and cellulose, all used in the installation of explosives.

In the village of “Al-Aftris” in the eastern Ghouta, another plant was found in which the manufacture of mortars and improvised explosive devices, in addition to toxic chemicals, through which the manufacture of toxic bombs and shells. (video attached)

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