Syrian mothers wishing for safety today Inbox x

Dear Amb. Dr. Haissam,

Over 400,000 people are still at risk in Eastern Ghouta. Today mothers in Ghouta cannot celebrate their motherhood, trapped in overcrowded and crumbling basements for the past 20 something days – all these mothers can do today is ration their children’s decreasing food supply and long for sunlight, fresh air, and water.

Stand up for mothers trapped in Ghouta today and demand to end the attacks and lift the siege on Eastern Ghouta.

Most families have now been forced to take shelter in unequipped basements, in some cases for nearly a month on end.

“I have one daughter, 2 years old, and I am always praying to be able to keep her safe. When you are a mother, all you think of or care about is your children. How to shield her from the sounds of explosions, help her sleep at night, make up happy stories to protect her from the nightmares, provide her with food- which becomes my worst nightmare as we run out of food. More importantly, I try my best to look strong so she doesn’t feel my pain. She feels it when I am scared.” 
A mother from Eastern Ghouta shares with Amnesty. 

Some basements are now shelter to 200 or more people, the limited space has even made sleep impossible as people have to take turns to lie down.

Sunlight, fresh air, and food are all luxuries now – the only gift we can give these mothers today is our action.

Many thanks
Leen Hashem
Syria Campaigner
Amnesty International

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