The International Committee of Human Rights Commends the Decision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon


The International Committee on Human Rights commended the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon, Eng. Gebran Bassil, to grant Lebanese nationality to the children of mothers of Lebanese origin. The Commission considered that the decision taken by Minister Bassil is legal and includes both international and domestic rights, pointing to the introduction of the Lebanese Constitution which prohibits the settlement of Palestinians in the forefront of the Constitution or others in view of the grave and explosive situation in the Middle East.

Ambassador Abu Saeed urged the House of Representatives to speed up the approval of the draft submitted by Minister Bassil so as not to remain an international item to be exploited in the Lebanese files in terms of items and demands of the International Council for Human Rights in November 2015 on Lebanon.

He also hoped that Lebanon would prepare the remaining outstanding issues towards its responsibilities in the international arena. In the beginning of 2017, Ambassador Abu Said discussed with the Lebanese Minister of Justice, Judge Salim Graysati, these points. .

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