Trump’s White House “IN CHAOS”?

I’d like to present two opposing statements.

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” -Abraham Lincoln


“The new Fake News narrative is that there is CHAOS in the White House. Wrong! — There is no Chaos, only great Energy!” -Donald Trump

That last statement is verbatim to what Donald J. Trump* tweeted.
*(Trump now prefers to be called by his rap nickname: DJ Stable Genius).

So, I guess it depends how you look at it. When Trump’s aides and staff, run around the White House, terrified, waving their arms and shouting “Oh, my GOD, oh, my GOD,- RUN, HIDE, he’s spiraling out of control!!”, and, — “HE’S ACTUALLY BITING PEOPLE NOW, WITH HIS RAZOR-SHARP FERRET TEETH!”, and, — “I can’t help, I’m busy writing my suicide note!”…

Some might call that “CHAOS”, but Trump calls it “GREAT ENERGY”!

So, “great energy” is now permeating the White House. There’s the “great energy” generated by Trump screaming at three televisions and three separate Generals. There’s the “great energy” of probes and indictments. A lot of “great energy ” was spent ranting and raving, about Alex Baldwin, and later, Alec Baldwin, (in Trump’s response to a blatant threat from Russia, to burn us all off the face of the Earth, and to continue to interfere in any elections we might like to have, which, in some ways… is even worse than being blown up in a holocaust of fire and radiation).

Speaking of “great energy’, when Hope Hicks left her position of caregiver in the Mattis / Kelly White House Adult Day-Care Center, ending her time as Trump’s 2nd surrogate daughter/wife, — many feared Trump would react in a way that’s indicative to how Trump reacts to things, so, Trump started a global trade war, after consulting with his staff and saying: “La la la la, I’m not listening! I’m going to do something crazy on a whim, and no one can stop me!”

Inspiring words, indeed.

There’s also a lot of other factors in the White House, causing “great energy”.

  • Jared Kushner: has had his security clearance upgraded so he can now read the menu in the White House cafeteria, but is still downgraded to where he can’t read anything else. Some feel this might impede Kushner from borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign entities, in exchange for preferential treatment from the U.S. Government (formerly known as “the U.S. Government”). Kushner needs close to a billion dollars because he decided to buy a haunted building in NYC, moments before the housing market crumbled, and, shockingly, wound up in financial trouble as a result.
  • A myopic Jeff Sessions keeps bumping into things, and bumbling around, due to his rapidly failing eyesight. This VEXES Trump.
(L): Jeff Sessions sends a letter to Sergey Kislyak. — (Right): Jeff Sessions thinks “The Walking Dead” has really “slipped since season 6″.

Sessions also continues to refuse to un-recuse himself from an investigation he’s also a suspect in, due to “all known laws”. Trump has claimed he wouldn’t have hired Sessions, if he knew Sessions would recuse himself, instead of just graciously going to prison in defense of Donald Trump.

  • John Kelly: claimed that his position of “White House Chief of Staff” is “a punishment from GOD”.
    — GOD recently replied: “Yeah, that sounds about right…” via a burning Bush* (*Jeb).
  • H.R. McMaster: was seen wearing a Beatles wig and carrying a suitcase, and many fear he left the White House to join a Beatles tribute band.
He’s Got a Ticket to Ride! (And he don’t care…)

The “great energy” in the oval office has even spread to former members of Trump’s campaign, such as Sam Nunberg, who took his own “great energy” onto various newscasts, answering questions such as:

“Are you drunk?” and, “How drunk are you?”

Nunberg, responded by saying he has no intention of listening to grand juries, and that he doesn’t like subpoenas. He brazenly said he won’t cooperate with Mueller’s request for his communications, shortly before being arrested by the FBI and having his offices raided.

So, EXCITED about all the GREAT ENERGY that totally isn’t CHAOS, emanating from the White House, amidst the screaming, and fire, and smoke?
Will YOU — be joining Trump’s staff, as more members of his cabinet get indicted, or, change their names, don a disguise and a fake passport, and flee the country? Let us know in the comments below!

Pictured: Everything is fine… no reason to worry. He doesn’t seem like a maniacal, unhinged, lunatic, at all.

Written by Steven W. Rouach

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