The International Human Rights Committee: Britain and the Mossad are involved in the financing of toxic substances in al-Ghouta and running operations in the Kurdish regions


The Commissioner of the Middle East for Human Rights Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said received new documents from one of the Syrian figures concerned in reconciliations about the arrest of trucks after being ambushed by the Syrian army She was heading for the Eastern Vanguard before the outbreak of the so-called Scrippel crisis two days ago.After a close follow-up by those who were assigned the secret behind the assassination of the Russian spy Scrippal with his daughter in Salisbury in Britain by the British intelligence and Wouter accused Russia to do so without evidence because the Syrian army and with the help of allies was able to confiscate that truck loaded with weapons, Under the deal, a green-colored shell of British industry and in the city of Salisbury: (Check what was written on the shell and then things become clear).
Among the dangerous information confirmed by the Commission’s special means are that British, American, Israeli and Saudi intelligence officers were captured by the Syrian army in one of the heavily fortified operations rooms during the Syrian army and its allies’ invasion of the Eastern Vanguard and direct assistance to Russia. When Britain asked Oman to mediate with Russia To send British officers to it, and when the response came negative and that it is necessary to communicate with the Syrian leadership, this was not a place of welcome.
In a related context, Ambassador Abu Said pointed out that there is a joint Israeli / Kurdish operations room in the provinces of Al-Jazeera and Kubani, which manages the military operations there. It also supports the logistics along with the five US bases (Kubani / Ein Al Arab No. 2, Al- And al-Shaddadi) and benefit from the oil and cotton resources and the three dams (Baath, Revolution and Tishrin) as well as vast agricultural lands

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