International Commission on Human Rights: UN Resolution 2401 has been partially applied and a case is always in doubt …


The Commissioner of the Middle East for the International Human Rights Commission and the Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information, Ambassador Haitham Abu Said, affirmed the implementation of most of the provisions of UN Resolution 2401 on Syria, which were voted by members of the UN Security Council at a meeting held on 24 February 2018, Some of the scholars’ efforts and their lack of recognition as a result of the decline of their project in the eastern Ghouta, which began to restore some of the features of life, which returned a large number of displaced persons in the past.

Abu Said said that humanitarian aid has been delivered to the concerned bodies and distributed in time after the opening of the humanitarian corridors, which suffered many obstacles in a timely manner. Medical assistance was also provided and the wounded were evacuated to hospitals in Damascus in order to receive appropriate treatment in accordance with international law. “According to eyewitnesses who went out and testified to the committee, they pointed out that the militants were preventing them from bread and food and confiscated the material for armed groups.

The remaining 5.6 million people in 1244 localities remain incomplete and there is still a need to provide and find ways to find aid, which includes 2.9 million people in hard-to-reach areas.

With regard to the “Army of Islam” fighter by the Syrian army and its connection to the resolution 2401

The resolution requires cessation of hostilities against the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and the Nasra Front, and all individuals, groups and entities associated with them or “terrorist groups” classified by the Security Council. Accordingly, according to the documents received, this organization is no less important than the aforementioned regulations, if not worse. Therefore, the allegations yesterday about the use of chemicals in the “Douma” remains a matter of great doubt because of the many allegations had been prepared by the “White Helmets”, which was joined today by an American organization and may also be within the policies of States within the existing conflict, A special committee to confirm all the details, especially with the presence of materials of chlorine found in the industry of one of the Western countries, and the scene that comes out in the media unprofessional and non-artisan.

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