The International Human Rights Commission: Satisfaction with the mission’s course of action in Douma and to ensure that it is not under pressure.

Untitled IHRC 222222.png

The International Committee of the Human Rights (ICHR) has indicated that it is monitoring the operation of the chemical weapons investigation mission in Damascus and is satisfied with its entry into Duma on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, and taking samples of sites suspected of being used as chlorine during military action.

The communication came after the International Secretary-General Dr. Sfeul Dolder with the Middle East Commissioner Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said explained that the response of the local authorities and facilitation of the mission by the Syrian and Russian police together is highly appreciated. The committee will in turn ensure that there is no pressure on the members of the mission by anyone who tries to question the evidence. In advance, which may place those States and the work of the mission place the mark of question and this is not wanted by the Secretary-General or the General Assembly.

The statement of the ICRC concluded with reference to the seriousness of the stage in the Middle East and the consequences that may result if it is highly professional, which makes the issue of doubt is not available so that the United Nations and its Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to end this issue that some countries are trying to exploit for aggressive action In the region.

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