The International Committee on Human Rights renews two years to its Commissioner in the Middle East, “Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said”: to open all files or violations of humanity without political discrimination

Untitle BOU SAID

NEWS  /  The International Committee of the Human Rights (IHRC) has referred to the renewal of the work of its Commissioner for the Middle East, Ambassador Haitham Abu Said, for a period of two years starting from the end of April 2018. The Committee also noted on the website of its agency that the work of its commissioner is accurate, sensitive and dangerous in light of the atmosphere in the region, States that do not respect and violate international law and covenants and violate it daily without indifference and impunity. The tasks assigned to her Commissioner were a place of trust and support for reports that were out of his office and had been provided with high-resolution files to make it move smoothly at the level of international judicial forums.

For his part, the Information Office of Ambassador Abu Said assured the Secretary General of the Secretary-General’s understanding of all regional rationales and promised to complete what he had begun and would highlight everything that might be in violation of the Charter and the international covenant, whatever the group it is.

information Office

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