Russia 2012 – 2018: 50 anti-democracy laws into force

Since re-election in 2012, Russian president has overseen the creation of 50 laws designed to strangle opposition voices and raise the level of fear and self-control in the society. Their implication fields and thematics vary just as much as the harshness of sentences.

FIDH with its russian organizations release the table of the 50 new anti-democracy laws since 2012. It explains the kickback each of them represents fundamental freedoms of Russian citizens, cutting little bit more every days the free exchanges with the outside world. It also provides some, far from exhaustive, examples, of the legal abuses it provokes in the every day life of citizens.

Not only the present but also the past gets filtered and controlled.

The laws and regulations range from increased surveillance and censorship powers, to laws banning “questioning the integrity of the Russian nation” – effectively banning criticism of Russia’s presence in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea – broad laws on “extremism” that grant authorities powers to crack down on political and religious freedom, to imposing certain views on Russian history through forbidding to think differently.

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